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Operating input voltage  DC 11~18 V
Idling current  approx. 100mA
Charge/discharge power  OUTPUT-1:  max. 200/25W
 OUTPUT-2:  max. 200/25W
NiCd/MH  OUTPUT-1: 1 ~ 22 cells
 OUTPUT-2: 1 ~ 22 cells
LiIo/LiPo/LiFe  OUTPUT-1: 1 ~ 8S
 OUTPUT-2: 1 ~ 8S
Pb  OUTPUT-1: 2 ~ 28V
 OUTPUT-2: 2 ~ 28V
Charge current  0.1 to 9.0A
Discharge current  0.1 to 5.0A
No. of cycles  up to 10 times, N/A for Lixx
Battery data memories  up to 5 data per battery-type
Battery capacity range  100 ~ 65000mAh
Delta-peak sensitivity  zero, 5 ~ 20mV adjustable
Trickle charge current  off, 50 ~ 300mA adjustable
Current drain in balancer  200mA/cell
Weight  1100g
Dimension 200 x 150 x 55 mm

  User's setting-up parameters
 Lithium battery type  LiIo:3.6V, LiPo:3.7V, LiFe:3.3V
 Lithium battery charge mode  Normal, Balance, Storage, Fast
 NiCd/NiMH charge mode  Normal, Linear, Reflex
 NiCd Delta-peak voltage sensitivity  disable, delicate, 5 to 20mV adjustable
 NiMH Delta-peak voltage sensitivity  disable, delicate, 5 to 20mV adjustable
 Pb battery charge mode  Linear, Pulse
 Battery temperature cut-off  Off, 20 to 80C
 Waste time between charge/discharge cycle  zero to 60 minutes.
 Trickle charge mode  Off, 50 ~ 300mA adjustable
 Integral timer limit for safety  Off, 10 to 1380 minutes
 Maximum charging capacity limit for safety  50 ~ 120%
 Key beep and buzzer sound  ON/OFF, melody selectable
 Input power low alert  10 to 11V
 LCD back-light brightness  Off, 1 ~ 8

 -  Operating software
   The operating program in this charger is executed with mutual links and communications with every
 components to prevent any possible error, so it introduces the maximum safety. Especially, the charging
 algorithm is so multifarious that you can select the best program to suit your requirement. And BC8DX
 has a large LCD for showing various informations including charge/discharge graphs during the process.

- High-power dual output circuit
  BC8DX employs the circuit that features two totally independent but identical high-power outputs which
are powered as much as 200watts each. As a result, it can charge or discharge up to 44 cells of NiCd/
NiMH or 16 series of Lithium batteries simultaneously. Furthermore, the twin-fan cooling system is so
efficient that can hold such a power without any trouble of running the circuit.
-  Monitor the individual voltages on discharge
  BC8DX also can monitor the individual voltages of the Lithium battery pack during the discharge process
as well as ‘FAST’ and ‘STORAGE’ mode. If the voltage of any one cell varies abnormally, the process will
be stopped with the error message.

- Maximum safety
   Delta-peak sensitivity : The automatic charge termination program works on the principle of the Delta-
peak voltage detection. (NiCd/NiMH)
   Auto-charge current limit : When charging NiCd or NiMH at 'AUTO' current mode, you can set the upper
limit of charge current to avoid from feeding high current to the battery. This is very useful when charging
the low impedance and small capacity NiMH battery in 'AUTO' mode.
   Capacity limit : The charging capacity always calculated by multiple of the charging current and time. If
the charging capacity exceeds the limit the process will be terminated automatically when you set the
maximum value.
  Temperature limit : The temperature of the battery on charging or discharging will be raised by its internal
chemical reaction. If you set the limit of temperature the process will be expired forcibly when the limit has
been reached.
   Processing time limit : You can also restrain the maximum processing time to prevent any possible

-  Cyclic charging/discharging
   Perform 1 to 10 cycles of charge>discharge or discharge>charge continually for battery refreshing and
balancing at both outputs.

-  PC based analysis using USB communication
   For technical expert, BC8DX offers PC based program can analysis the characteristic of the battery via
USB port. It shows a graph of voltage, current, capacity and temperature curves. It also shows the
individual voltage of each cell in the Lithium battery pack. This program can run on both outputs with single
USB link to PC.
You can download the software at here.

 EAC110  Temperature sensor cable Standard
 EAC116  4mm gold banana plug with silicon cable and alligator clips Standard
 EAC400  USB cable set Optional
 EAC134  Balance adaptor board for Align type LiPo (2 ea.) Standard

 EAC110 Temperature sensor EAC116   charge cable EAC134 balance board EAC400 USB cable set

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